Why You Cannot Afford to Get Sick without Health Insurance

1The world is a very uncertain place. You cannot guarantee that you’re going to have a job tomorrow or even that you’re going to be healthy and alive. It is because of this uncertainty, you need to have health insurance. If you’ve been wrestling with the question of whether you should get health insurance, you might want to consider what consider the expenses you’re facing if you get sick. You’re facing not just the expense of your medical bills, but everything else that surrounds your illness as well. For this reason, you should invest into health insurance and feel assured you’re going to be able to afford to get sick.

Costs Involved in Going to a Health Clinic

If you don’t have a regular doctor, something you would have with health insurance, you have to go to a health clinic when you’re feeling sick. When you go to a clinic, you have to pay everything out of pocket. There is an initial cost you’re responsible for just to see the doctor. If the doctor has to run any tests, you have to pay for those out of pocket as well. Something as simple as a throat culture to test for strep throat can cost more than $100 to perform. If there are multiple tests required, you will be responsible for paying for all of them. Some of these clinics are notorious for ordering unnecessary tests just to increase the price you’re paying. If you had health insurance, you could just see a regular doctor and receive the tests as a part of your health insurance coverage.

Paying for Your Treatment

After you have been to the clinic, they will likely prescribe you some medication to treat whatever is wrong with you. If you’re not sick, but were injured in some way, you will have to pay for all the materials needed to mend your wounds. You cannot escape paying for the prescribed treatment, because the problem will simply get worse and you will end up having to pay even more. Something serious, like an open wound, can become infected to the point where amputation becomes necessary. Paying for the treatment can cost as little as $50 if all you need is some ointment and bandages, but it can cost you hundreds of dollars if you have to pay for expensive medication to get rid of the problem. If you have health insurance, you will spend far less to get the treatment necessary. In some cases, you might not spend any money. This will depend on your policy and your deductible associated with the policy.

Losing Pay from Work

A hidden cost you may not consider when you get sick is what will happen if you are too sick to go to work. If you do not work in a job that offers you sick days, you’re going to lose the income you would normally receive for showing up. This is a major cost you cannot incur, because not only do you have to pay for any medical treatment you receive out of pocket, but you’re missing out on the money you need to pay your bills. This can lead to life altering events, lie eviction or repossession of your vehicle. If you have a health insurance policy, you will miss fewer days of work, because you will receive timely healthcare from a more qualified doctor. Some health insurance companies even offer you compensation when you have to miss work for any reason. Keep this in mind as you start shopping for a policy.

Seeking the Help of Professionals

You may need more help than a regular doctor can provide. If this is the case without any health insurance, you’re facing a very real financial problem. This is because specialists tend to cost even more than a regular doctor. If you have a health insurance policy and you’ve been referred to a specialist by your regular doctor, you’re covered under your policy. You will spend as little as your regular doctor, or just slightly more to get the help you really need. The alternative is that you’ll go without seeing the specialist and the problem will only get worse.

There are many options available when you’re looking to purchase a health insurance policy. Take your time when searching for a policy and you’re going to save a lot of money. As long as you make sure to pay your health insurance premiums regularly, you’ll enjoy all the savings you would hope for.

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